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Money Back Guarantee

If within 5 hours of FedEx delivery you report via the DOA Claim Form that your marine life did not survive, HolyMackerelSeaLife.Com will refund the purchase price of the deceased item(s), provided you fill out the DOA Claim Form and upload a photo through the provided photo up-loader. Photos must show deceased items out of the bag, out of water, and on a white background to take advantage of the guarantee.

Download Acclimation Guide6-Step Acclimation & Observation Procedure

  1. Prepare a container or bucket (preferably a clear container) with saltwater from your aquarium. This will be used as an acclimation and observation container for your new arrivals. Turn all aquarium lights off, this will prevent your current tank inhabitants from mistaking your new arrivals as food and eating them.

  2. Follow these simple acclimation methods for your new arrivals:

    Snails, Crabs, Hermits, Urchins, Gorgonians: These animals do not need any acclimation and can be placed into the observation container with water from your tank as soon as possible. If the bags are really cold we would recommend floating them to raise the temperature. IMPORTANT: Snails and some Hermits are shipped in no water on purpose, please do not assume they are dead because they arrive in bags with no water. Some snails may take up to 48 hours to begin moving and normal behavior.

    Plants & Macroalgae: Live plants are shipped without water to avoid major die off of the small organisms that inhabit them, resulting in damage to the plants. They will arrive in a bag with a small amount of water in the bottom, and will usually have a strong odor (due to die off, the same thing that happens during live rock shipping). We ask that you empty and discard the water, then rinse the plants in a container of saltwater from your tank thoroughly to remove any die off before adding to your aquarium. This method is the best way we’ve found to introduce your new plants.
    Fish, Shrimp, Starfish, Octopus & Seahorses: These animals must be drip acclimated for 15 minutes to match salinity and PH with your aquarium water prior to adding them to the acclimation container. The entire contents of each shipping bag should be emptied into an empty bucket or container and a fast drip acclimation should be started with water from your aquarium. Continue for 15 minutes, then remove items with hands or a net and put into aquarium.
    Sponges:  These animals must be released underwater and must never touch air. Submerge the shipping bag in your aquarium, then cut a slit in the plastic bag to release sponge underwater, never letting it touch air. If a sponge comes in contact with air, it will harm the sponge or in some cases cause death
    Anemones, Polyps & Mushroom Corals: These should be floated on top of the water of your aquarium while still in shipping bag to match tank water temperature (about 15 minutes) then released into the tank with no further acclimation
  3. Once you have added all of the items from each bag in your shipment to the clear observation container using the methods above, begin observing them for movement over the next 1-2 hours

  4. Immediately remove any animals that are obviously dead (such as an upside crab, or a starfish in many pieces) and put them in a separate container or bag as we may require photo verification to uphold our live arrival guarantee policy.

  5. During your 2 hour observation, begin adding all items that you have confirmed alive and well to your aquarium. We suggest doing this with your aquarium lights off to avoid fish and other existing animals in your tank mistaking them food. This will help prevent your new arrivals from getting accidentally eaten.

  6. After your 2 hour observation, if you have determined that there are any dead on arrival item(s), please File a DOA Claim by clicking here and we will respond within 24 hours with a resolution for you.



+ If any livestock deaths occur during shipping, we will provide reimbursement either through replacement shipment, refund, or store credit (at our discretion). We do not offer refunds or reimbursement for any fish, coral or invertebrates that die after they have been added to your tank as we cannot control their environment, water parameters, or proper acclimation at this point. Our guarantee only covers items that die in transit and show up deceased.

IMPORTANT: Snails and some Hermit Crabs are shipped in no water purposely, please do not assume they are dead because they arrive in bags with no water. These items must be observed as normal

Some items may be slow or sluggish due to shipping, please observe any questionable items over the course of 1-2 hours before claiming a DOA

Leaving your package outside for more than 2 hours after time of delivery will void our live guarantee. Please be sure to claim any DOA items within 5 hours of delivery.

We cannot be held liable for an incorrect or outdated shipping address provided to us by you. If you are unsure or need to change your shipping address after your order is placed, please email us within 12 hours so that we can note the change.