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"If you haven't shopped here then you should. AAAA+++ customer service and packaged flawlessly. Iv'e ordered a couple cleanup crews from them for this customers 150 gallon custom tank and its been a year now and i still see everything we bought. Thanks again for your help and great deals." - Tyler Johnson (Silverton, OR) April 14, 2015alt 

"Everything I have gotten from them has been top notch! (They) are awesome and his customer service and shipping are the reason I keep coming back. Prices are excellent too. You can't go wrong with them!" - Chris Rabkin (Naples, FL) April 13, 2015 alt

"Great prices. Delivery was great. Perfect communication. Look forward to purchasing more in the future" - Frank Ripley (Satellite Beach, FL) April 12, 2015 alt

"5 out of 5 Stars. Great and fast shipping the fish are a awesome addition to tank and continue to be a customer with these awesome sellers." - Latisha Anderson (Parsons, WV) March 12, 2015 alt

"Ordered at 125 Gallon Clean-up Crew. Every thing arrived alive and thriving. Very surprised and happy!" - Donna Oneal (Redington Shores, FL) March 11, 2015 alt

"Holy Mackerel Sea Life fills a niche in the market that local stores just do not address well. It is very difficult to find a pet store that will be able to find 25 nassarius snails to sell you, let alone do it for around $12. I have placed multiple orders from Holy Mackerel, most items fared well even with deliveries in the cold and snowy north east in January. In the case where items that did not survive the company responded with prompt compensation. I now have a new favorite place for ordering live plants and fish that will keep my reef aquarium balanced and looking good." - Neal Kurfiss (Somerville, MA) Jan. 31, 2015 alt

"I could stare at my tank for hours! Thank you for all the great quality and joy you have brought me!" - Suzanne Obst (Orlando, FL) Jan. 5, 2015 alt

"Great seller. Items were fresh. I could see tons of the little guys swimming around in there." - David Scheideman (Dayton, NV) Nov. 24, 2014 alt

"The Copepods arrived very quickly - I was surprised. They are almost impossible to see but I shined a light at an angle through the plastic container I moved them into and there were a good many moving around. I didn't try to count them. So now I wait for them to multiply. Very pleased." - Dixie Gainer (Nehalem, OR) Nov. 2, 2014 alt

"Fast processing and shipping! Very reasonably priced. All the little guys seem happy and moving around despite a long trip in the mail. 2 DOA's But, there were two extra crabs and they gave me two cute snail hitchhikers for free. Will definitely buy again!" - Ashley Garrison (Pittsboro, NC) Oct. 25, 2014 alt